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Workout before Climbing

19 Dec

Beginners Ring Workout

3×3 skin the cat
3×5 jack knifes
2×10 pushups
2×10 hanging knee raises
1×10 body rows
3x20sec L-sit w/bent knees
5 muscle up progressions


DU practice

For reps:
1 min AMRAP Box Jumps – 24″/20″
1 min AMRAP wall balls – 14# to 10 ft
1 min AMRAP Toes to Bar
1 min AMRAP Push Press – 75#
1 min AMRAP Burpees

My results:

43, 30, 13, 21, 15 => 122
The burpees were harder than usual. This was a fun, fast workout.

Climb at gym

I’ve been wondering if depending on the workout, it is better to climb afterwards. When I workout I do an extensive warmup. When I climb my warmup isn’t nearly as thorough. I climbed well today and plan on experimenting with a ring warmup.

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