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Why I Took a Break

12 Dec

After my workout on December 8th, I went for a swine flu shot. The next day I climbed at the gym and my body started to ache. I wasn’t able to climb things I had done first try in the past. I wondered why and SWS speculated that my body was tired from the activity I had been doing. Then I got a fever and my body had a deep down ache. I was out of action for a few days.

I knew I hadn’t been recovering as well as I normally do but I couldn’t accept that I might need more rest. Although I know that rest is of utmost importance, I find it hard to accept. I often get so excited about climbing, skiing or training that I can’t stop until my body stops me. My friends have even coined terms which allude to this issue, such as OUG (Over Use Greg). It’s also part of their vernacular to say “Don’t Thaczuk yourself!”

So I rested. I thought it was for a week. Upon closer inspection, I thought it was three days. Oops, forgot about a climbing day. I managed two complete rest days in the end (and would argue that one ski day was rather low intensity i.e. rest day).

In the end, I’m glad I keep a visual record of my activity. It allows me to see at a glance why I might be tired. Although the exercise I’m getting isn’t excessive, it is challenging to me.

November Exercise and Climbing

November Exercise and Climbing

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