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What happened yesterday?

12 Jan

I believe I had my best ever bouldering session yesterday and I don’t know why.

On Saturday I slogged into Helmet Falls with Eamonn. We were out 18hrs car to car. Sunday morning I felt fatigued but not destroyed and we did a ring workout (which felt very hard). Yesterday I felt as though I still hadn’t recovered from Saturday but really wanted to climb. Despite low expectations I sent every project i had.

I’ve been climbing less, skiing infrequently and training more. I’ve also been playing on gymnastics rings every couple of days for the past couple of weeks.

My training has been varied substantially lately and my body feels great. I think this is due to muscular imbalances rounding out.

Whatever happended yesterday, I like it.


3×5 #275 Deadlift
3×5 #185 Front Squat
3×5 #185 Bench Press

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