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Iron Legs 50 Miler – Thank You

15 Aug

On Saturday I completed my first ultramarathon, the Iron Legs 50 Miler. It was tough, mostly mentally but also physically.

Iron Legs 50 Miler

A heartfelt thank you to the following people:

  • All volunteers who helped at the aid stations
  • Bruce who inspired me to enter the race one year earlier
  • Mike and Colin for answering my newbie running questions
  • Leslie for making me laugh while everyone else was so serious
  • Heather a stranger who kept me in the race by stopping to give me salt pills
  • Mark for sharing Vince’s blog post (I chanted “Pain is the gift” over and over during 3hrs of cramping)
  • Iron Mommas: Alison, Christa and Kim (“Just think, only 30km and you’re done!”)
  • Chris for always being stoked
  • Christian and the Ambler crew
  • Jodi and the lulu crew
  • Eamonn and Steve for the heckling
  • Semple for laughing heartily every time voiced my enthusiasm for running
  • Laura for the tasty snacks
  • Andrew and Olivia for waiting at the finish
  • Everyone who voiced kind words when the race was over
  • Mom and Dad for babysitting Natalia.
  • Kate for telling me (halfway through) I couldn’t come home until I finished the 4 corners of Canmore, tending to me after running her own race and for understanding my need to play in the hills.

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