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9 Jul

I somehow tweaked something in my neck. I’m blaming it on driving too much. The 12 hour drive from Squamish to Canmore seemed to do it. Then it was exacerbated by two days of driving to Calgary.

I also still have something going on in my L armpit near what I think is the lat insertion. I can’t pinpoint any point tenderness. It only hurts when I do a pullup (palms away) but there is no pain when I do chinups (palms towards me). Most of the time it doesn’t really hurt, it just feels like a guitar string that is tuned too tight and if I was to tighten the string any tighter, it would break.

I’ve also been fighting off a cold of some sorts and decided to take it easy the last few days.  That can only last so long and I am becoming very squirelly. So, after watching a video of Kelly Starlett talk about healing tissue and how not moving is akin to death, I decided I needed a little movement:

  • cranked downtown to pick up some Mauro coffee (~20min)
  • 50 situps
  • 50 lunges
  • 50 pushups

The pushups were tweaking my neck.  I consider this little workout to be maintenance.

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