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How to update iTouch 2G to 3.0 Firmware on a MacBook Aluminum

2 Jul

I’m sure it was annoying to all iTouch users that Apple wanted to charge 9.99 to update the firmware to 3.0. It was even more of an insult that at the same time Apple gave it to iPhone users for free.  All of the tutorials I found on how to update didn’t quite work for me.  Here is my solution (which did not require any jailbreaking nor did it delete any data on my iTouch):

  1. Ensure you have iTunes 8.2 installed
  2. Download the iTouch 2G firmware from:
  3. Place the firmware in /Users/userName/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates  (be sure to replace “userName” with your username)
  4. Connect your iTouch to your MacBook
  5. Start iTunes
  6. iTunes will automatically start to update your iTouch firmware.
  7. Wait until the update is finished.
  8. Buy yourself a 6 pack of beer with the money you saved.  I recommend St-Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale (

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