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day 7 Training

27 Nov


Row 500m, Bike 5min, stretching, Burgener snatch warmup


A. Power Clean/Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk – x 5; rest 180 sec
B1. KBS heavy x 18 reps x 3; rest 90 sec
B2. HSPU close grip @ 21X1; amrap x 3; rest 90 sec
C1. GHD Raises @ 2020; 15 x 3; rest 60 sec
C2. Toes to Bar – 21 reps x 3; rest 60 sec

My results:

A. #135, #135, #155, #145, #145
B1. #70, #70, #70
B2. 5, 5, 5
C1. 12, 12, 12
C2. 15, 15, (5, 5, 5)

My legs were destroyed from Wednesday’s lunges. If I ever have to lunge 400m again, I will quake in fear. At least I have the blue band to remind me to HTFU.
Today was the first day I ever tried the split jerk. It’s an interesting concept. The bar taught me a couple of important lessons. (I didn’t get my chin out of the way a couple of times.) The KBS and HSPU felt hard after the jerk complex.
My legs feel so much better after this workout.
I’ve been eating more carbs because I was getting too lean. It’s amazing how fast the body adapts. I’m back up to #195

Some people have been asking me what I’m training for. Others have asked me why I’m learning some new things. Those who know me well know the answers. For the rest, I offer this quote:

“When you are through changing, you are through.”
-Bruce Barton

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