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Climbing and running with a summer cold

20 Aug


Run: 3k 18:23

I didn’t run yesterday because I came down with a cold.  I decided to run today and it felt horrible.


Run: 4k 27:17

I felt extremely sluggish today.

Climb @Upper Acephale

11a, 12d, 12d, 13c, 11c

I was feeling very sick after a couple of burns on Jingus. Decided I didn’t have it in me today and tried Army Ants instead.


Run: 4k 25:41

Although the rain wasn’t very motivating today, my cold seemed to dissipate once I was running.  Two hours later, I felt worse.


Climb @ Carrot Creek

10b, 12a, 12c, 12c, 12c, 12c

I didn’t get pumped at all warming up on the Warlock and I thought I was going to finish off my old project.  I was in for a surprise and four burns later left empty handed.  Still feeling low energy.


Run: 3k 17:35

Still a bit of a cold.  My run today felt the best out of the seven I’ve done this month.


Run: 4k 21:59

During my run today I found myself thinking that I might actually like running some day.  I think I prefer the Nike+ feedback more that the run.  It’s strangely exciting to see the data after a run.

Climb @ Acephale

12d, 12d, 12d, 13c

I took my draws off of Jingus.  Tried 39 steps again and it went much better.


When I woke up August 9th with a sore throat I thought all I needed was a good night’s sleep.  When I woke up the next morning with a cold, I thought I fight it off.  Nine days later I’m still sick and I have accepted that I need to rest until my body is 100%.  Kobe told me “rest is for the weak”.  I am resting now because my body feels weak.

  • Body condition: general lethargy
  • Sleep: 7.5 hours.
  • Stress level: low.
  • Workout notes: n/a
  • Nutrition: No coffee for 1 week starting tomorrow. I purchased fish oil today b/c it helps reduce inflammation and helps with recovery.

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