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Climbing and Cardio

1 Jul

Friday 062609

Climb at Grotto

  • went to Acephale and did a hand numbing warmup on Where’s Mom 12a
  • bailed to sunshine at Water Wall and tried Crime and Punishment(?) 12d x 3

Sunday 062809

Climb at Acephale

  • Warmup 11a
  • Tried Jingus 12d x 4
  • Tried Blue Ciel 12b x 2

Tuesday 063009

Climb in Squamish

  • Part of Banana Peel and part of Blood, Guts and ?
  • Memorial Crack
  • The Ultimate Everything

Wednesday 070109

Henry is training for a 1 miler so I did some intervals with him:

  • 4 x 200m
  • 2 x 400m

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