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Climbing and a ride

9 Jul

Saturday 070409

Climb at Suicide Bluffs w/Jay

5.9, 10c, 11c, 11d, 11d

I emptied the tank trying to onsight the 11c (Night Train, superb).  Fell off the very last move.  It was downhill from there.  A crag worth checking out.

Sunday 070509

Climb at Cal-Chek w/Jay

10b, 10c, 12a, 11d
Took the beats on the 10b slab.  Eked out the slightly loose 10c.  Got crushed following the 12a and 11d.

Amica says my physique is steroidal.  Jays says Toni Lamprecht is worse.

Kate says I always take the beats.  Easton says: “you only like doing things you’re not good at”.

Bike in Smoke Bluffs w/Louie

1.5 quick hit with the new springy machine.  Thanks for hooking me up Louie.

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