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Clean & Jerk, Row, and Sumo Deadlift High Pull

6 Mar


part 1:
Clean and Jerk – 5RM
(no more than 3 sec reset on ground b/t reps)

rest 3 hours

part 2:
Row 2K
30 SDLHP – 115#
Row 1K
20 SDLHP – 115#
Row 500 m
10 SDLHP – 115#

My Results

Part 1

rest 5min

Part 2
2K: 7:20
1K: 3:42
500 M: 1:48
Total time: 20:01

I had to suppress the rest due to various obligations today. I found this workout super fun. The SDLHP felt heavy but the rowing felt smooth.

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