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16 Oct

Sunday September 27, 2009 Morning Workout 100 squats 100 pushups 100 situps Climb at Lookout 10a, 10b, 11a, 11a Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Morning workout 10 rounds of: 10 squats 10 pushups 10 situps Thursday, October 1, 2009 Warmup: 5 min row, 5 min bike, 20 crossovers, 20 knee overs 3 sets: 5 pullup, 10 […]

Taking a break

8 Sep

082109 Run 5k: 28:42 082209 Bike ~2hrs 082409 Run 4k: 22:34 Climb @ Raven 11d, 11d, 11d, 11d low motivation day 090809 Workout Warmup: Run 5min, Row 5min, Bike 5min 20 Hip-overs 10 Eagles 10 Window Sills 20 Kayaker 2 rounds: 5 pullup, 10 pushups, 15 overhead squat Workout: Crossfit Total 365 deadlift 245 front squat 135 press […]

080709 Climbing

11 Aug

Physio I went for physio on my L bicep today.  It feels great after physio. Climbing @ Lake Louise 11a, 12a, 12a We warmed up on Wicked Gravity.  Then I took the beats on Manhattan.  I was tired today and should have taken a rest day.  It’s weird how I always have my worst climbing […]

080609 Run

11 Aug

Run 4k – 32:14 Kate led us on a mostly uphill run.  At the pace we were going, it was more efficient to walk at times.

080509 Climbing and Run

11 Aug

Run 3k – 20:50 As per the beginner Nike+ 5k program.  I despise running but I’m going to make a go of this.  I find the feedback is motivation enough.  Yes, 20:50 is incredibly slow.  How did I ever run a marathon off-the-couch? Climbing @ Acephale 12c, 12c, 12c Simon V and I went to […]

080409 Workout

5 Aug

Warmup: Row 5min Bike 5min 10 inchworms 10 lungewalks 10 hipovers each side 10 eagles each side 10 window sills 10 kayak stretches each side 3 rounds: 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 overhead squats Workout: 5x #135, #225, #275, #275 Deadlift 5x #135, #185, #185, #205 Front Squat 8x #135, 3x #185 Bench Press 3×5 […]

080309 Bike

5 Aug


080109 A Milestone

5 Aug

Climbing 13a, 13a After 16 tries over 4 days, I sent Sticky Buns.  I was so happy that I didn’t feel like climbing anything else but Simon V convinced me to give the Illusionist a try.  Then it was off to the lake  for some sunshine.

Climbing 072909

30 Jul

Planet X w/ SWS 11c, 11c, 12d, 12d, 12a, 11c I went through the crux of Sticky Buns twice and fell off in the last easy 2m to the anchor!  S l o w l y inching upward. 11c, 11c, 12d, 12d, 12a, 11c I went through the crux of Sticky Buns twice and fell […]

Physio 072809

30 Jul

My bicep tendinitis on the L side has been getting out of hand and I decided to be proactive about it.  I went to see Hugh Simpson @ Active Motion Physio for some active release massage.  It’s amazing how much it helps but a few more sessions will definitely be required.  The funny thing was, […]