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Modified Elizabeth

20 Nov

Warmup: Row 5min, Bike 5min, stretching 3 rounds: 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 OHS 3×5 #135 Deadlift Workout: Deadlift 2x #225, #315, #365, 7×1 #315 4 rounds: 5x #225 Back squat, 10 KTE Elizabeth: 21-15-9 #135 Cleans Dips My result: 10:14 Once my clean technique breaks down from fatigue, things get ugly. Once things get […]

A little climbing

3 Nov

October 31, 2009 Climb @ gym November 1, 2009 Climb @ Playground November 2, 2009 Climb @ gym I felt some tendinitis in my L elbow.  Not good.

Drytooling and deadlifting

25 Oct

October 24, 2009 Drytooling at the Playground It’s the time of year when the weather can’t decide if it is fall or winter.  The Playground is good fun.  My psyche for ice/mixed is back! Afternoon Workout Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps What I did: 10 @ #135, 5 @ #225, 3 @ #315, 1 @ #365, 1 […]

Climbing and running with a summer cold

20 Aug

081109 Run: 3k 18:23 I didn’t run yesterday because I came down with a cold.  I decided to run today and it felt horrible. 081209 Run: 4k 27:17 I felt extremely sluggish today. Climb @Upper Acephale 11a, 12d, 12d, 13c, 11c I was feeling very sick after a couple of burns on Jingus. Decided I […]

What it took to climb 5.12 (7a+)

11 Aug

Four years ago while sipping scotch with Ben and Will, I commented half jokingly that I was never going to be a good sport climber.  Will instantly shot back, “Bullshit.  You’ve never tried”. I was completely dumbfounded.  I looked at Ben and could see he was waiting for my reply. “What?”, I questioned. “You’ve never […]

080909 Climbing

11 Aug

Climbing @ Upper Acephale 11a, 12d, 12d, 12d, 12d, 12d, 12d I thought I was going to finish Jingus today but I couldn’t make it happen. I felt run down today with a slightly sore throat. To finish off the day, I decided to try 39 Steps. Desperado.