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A weak version of OPT Big Dawgs Championship Series #2

14 Nov


Row 5min, stretching with dowel, burpees, chinups
Snatch complex from Workout 2 (below)

Workout 1:

(For further workout explanation:
For power ratio:
Row 800 m
rest 5 min

Workout 2:

7 sets (65#) for time;
Power Snatch x 1
Snatch Balance x 1
OHS x 1
Hang Squat Snatch x 1
rest 5 min

Workout 3:

As many rounds (total reps) in 3 minutes;
3 chest to bar chin ups unbroken
3 push up burpees
rest 240 min

My Results:

Workout 1: 365 watts / 190 lb = 1.87

SWS  joined me for this workout.  He said his strategy was to go all out on the row because it would only be about 3min of rowing with 5 min of rest afterwards.  I simply chuckled when I heard that.  I had no idea what my average watts might be on the row and I got excited when my first few strokes gave 580 watts.  That didn’t last for long and quickly decreased to around 450 watts.  I decided to try to average 420 but it was not to be.  After about 2min of rowing I hit a wall.  I wasn’t sure if I could even continue rowing.  I ended up with 356 as an average.  I’m still coughing 2hrs later.  Next time pacing, pacing, pacing.

Workout 2: 8:37

My legs were jello after the rowing.  In my warmup I tried the snatch complex with 95 but felt like it was too much weight for my neophyte ability.  Even at #65 this was challenging.  I took 10 breaths b/w each set.

Workout 3: 7 rounds (42 reps)

The first two workouts made 5min of rest feel like the blink of an eye.  By the 5th set of burpees I felt like someone was kicking me in the ribs each time I dropped into the pushup.

Workout 4: DNF

JB fell ill today but yesterday suggested that we wouldn’t take the 240min break.  The gym will be closed by the time I have rested 4hrs today but I’m throwing in the towel preemptively.  These workouts are great and I am fully aware of huge holes in my fitness.

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