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A little better Fran

21 Dec


part 1:
Clean and Jerk 1RM

part 2:
21,15,9 rep rounds for time;
Thrusters – 95#
Chest to Bar Chin ups

Climb at gym

Beginners Ring Workout

3×3 skin the cat
3×5 jack knifes
2×10 pushups
2×10 hanging knee raises
1×10 body rows
3x20sec L-sit w/bent knees
5 muscle up progressions
2×10 dips

My results

#185 C&J
6:20 Fran

I am not happy with my C&J. The clean felt fine but the jerk was horrible. Failed at #195.
This was the second time I’ve done Fran and I was happy with my improvement.

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