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080509 Climbing and Run

11 Aug


3k – 20:50

As per the beginner Nike+ 5k program.  I despise running but I’m going to make a go of this.  I find the feedback is motivation enough.  Yes, 20:50 is incredibly slow.  How did I ever run a marathon off-the-couch?

Climbing @ Acephale

12c, 12c, 12c

Simon V and I went to Acephale despite the rain.  What we found wasn’t very motivating:  two dry route on both the lower and upper walls.  Simon was still psyched so we climbed Altius.  Thanks to Simon for his motivation to walk up in the rain.

Semple and Simon have been harassing me about the exercise I’ve been doing outside of sport climbing.  They say it is probably hindering my climbing.  That may be so in the short term, but in the long run, I think it is more than beneficial.

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