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080409 Workout

5 Aug


  • Row 5min
  • Bike 5min
  • 10 inchworms
  • 10 lungewalks
  • 10 hipovers each side
  • 10 eagles each side
  • 10 window sills
  • 10 kayak stretches each side
  • 3 rounds: 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 overhead squats


  • 5x #135, #225, #275, #275 Deadlift
  • 5x #135, #185, #185, #205 Front Squat
  • 8x #135, 3x #185 Bench Press
  • 3×5 Dips

I went for physio on my L bicep tendinitis again today and avoided pulling other than 15 pullups and putting weight on the bar.  Regardless, my bicep was still aching after my workout.  I took it easy on the bench press and dips b/c there was something weird going on in my L tricep.  It seems like my body is being plagued by little injuries that keep me from giving 100%.

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